terça-feira, 28 de julho de 2009

I am what I amI can't change myself
And if you don't like it
Go away with somebody else
I'll never move my wayIt's not a joke
This is how it is and this is how it's gonna stay
Because I am what I am I know what I'm not
I'm not the type of girl
That doesn't know how the life is
And i Won't come around
Saying things that don't be in my mind
And I know
Wherever I go
I know where I standi'm always the same, but in a diferent way
I am what I am
What can I say?
I'm gonna be this way
I am what I am
And no mathers what nobody else say
And if you've got a problem
Better take it somewhere else
Because I can't turn back
I'm right on track
And if you think you know
Well then you better check your facts
I can see
I'm just being me
I can't be yourself
And I don't want to be
Don't try to get inside my head
because what you see is the real me